September 26, 2016

Self Defense

Happy Monday
I wanted to share a different/fun video and post about self defense for women and men. I know most us (me) have no clue about self defense and also how to act if someone wants to attack you well here is a video that can help you. It definitely helped me a lot as you guys can tell on the video it was all new for me. If you guys like videos & post like this comment and let me know. 

Instructor Gabby's social media:
Instagram: gabdicervo
Facebook: FiercelyBeautiful

SMA School (Gabby teachers) New Jersey:
Instagram - smaschools Facebook- Sovereign Martial Arts


  1. I've always wanted to take a self-defense class. I'll keep the tips from the video in mind should I ever be confronted by someone.

    1. I always wanted to do as well! Thank you for watching!!!

  2. I've always wanted to take a self defense class, great video!


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