June 30, 2014

Cwonder sale

Hello World! Long time no talk! I am back and ready to be telling you some exciting news! As you guys as seen my blog had a new look what do we think? I like it I feel that is more girly and me! Thanks to my wonderful friend who is also a blogger Here is the link. I love getting make overs it changes things to a new star. Well today I didn't want to do a kids fashion just because I wanted to tell you the Cwonder idk if many of you have heard from the store. I am in love with the store because they have monograms and other girly things lol. Well this store is doing a great sale and I purchase this cross body white bag for only $21!! CWONDER site
I want to go back to the store and take everything with me. Its just so great!

June 27, 2014

The view

New York, NY, USA

Happy Thursday everyone! Well yesterday I went to the view they record this show since Barbara was going to be a guest, the show will be going live this friday 27! Watch it maybe you guys can find me lol.. Well the weather was so humid but I still had an amazing time and offcuerse some shopping! Well here are some pictures I got to take during commercials! All of the host were so nice to everyone they were talking to all of the guest and making jokes I love it! I went with my boyfriend, It was a different experience!

June 25, 2014

Accessorie & Details

Have anyone notice that my blog got a make over?? Do you guys like it?? Please let me know and if any of you think that I'm missing anything comment so I can make it better. Today's post is more different I wanted to share some of my details accessories. We may have a perfect outfit but if we don't have the right accessories the outfit can turn out bad. We as women's need to have neutral handbags to wear all year round and it will go with any colors. Nails always painted!!! Gold necklace and bracelets! I mean most of things everyone has, colors and accessories that are neutral 

June 24, 2014

Polka dots

Today post I love it because I get to share with everyone my new dress from loft I bought it on sale for such a great deal. The material of this dress is just perfect for summer is light and cute for hot days. I thought a dress like this just needs neutral accessories for example the fossil watch and my neutral heels. I wore this outfit sunday for church and for some lunch after. I feel that I look very lady like, is a great dress for any occasion I just love it!!!

June 23, 2014

Children's Fashion

Happy Monday! Its almost july and most people are preparing for 4th of july!! RED WHITE BLUE remember. Well todays look is a lay back outfit for some errands. Many times we want the kids to wear jeans shorts and to find the shoe that goes well with the outfit. I hope everyone enjoy the post.
Have a great week everyone

June 19, 2014

Beauty Products

 Its thursday! It means beauty thursday as women we are always looking for the perfect nail color or lip color for the summer. Well recently I receive this perfect nail colors and lip colors as gift and offcuerse I get really happy and excited to be receiving beauty products. Well summer is almost here even dough it feels like summer already I like to be wearing bright colors on my nails and for lips I like pink and some red! Well here are some of my new beauty products I already started using the nail polish I am currently using the 110 (orange) Is amazing because its a pretty orange. 

June 18, 2014

Cupcake Wars

Wednesday! Is the middle of the week and offcuerse the weather is so hot! I want fall already, is too hot and humid! I don't want to wear short yet idk why hahaah.... Anyways they open this new cupcake shop close to my house I went during this week and I found out the owners are the winers from cupcake wars how cool right? Well I try the cupcakes and they are delicious!!!! They also customize cookies... Well I wore this anchors pants with a blue top! I like to wear comfortable clothes and still look good!

June 17, 2014

Navy & Pink

Tuesday already? I have some news to tell everyone I will be going to the view (the show) I will be going next week I am so excited to be there I will take as many pictures as I can get to show on the blog.  I wore my new loft sweater for $9.99, a great deal. Loft is having a great sale so if anyone wants to get clothes go to loft! My mother got me this coach handbag for my birthday I love it because is very unique and perfect for summer. I hope everyone enjoys the post with blues and pink!

June 16, 2014

Kids Fashion

 Happy Monday everyone! It's kids fashion post and offcuerse my brother is wearing some comfortable clothes for a day out for ice cream and shopping. The weather is getting nice but they are still some wind. Its good to have a tshirt and for example the gray button down shirt open to make it more casual and still be not cold. Skinny jeans from guess and he lately is wearing his white puma I guess they are comfy hahaha... Look at the rest of the photos!!!

June 13, 2014

Catching up

It's friday already, every week goes by so fast what can I do to stop time hahaha
well I wore this outfit for my cousins prom and I Forgot to post it up on the blog. After we took pictures with her I went out to for diner!!! I hope everyone had a great week!

June 12, 2014

Shopping and Diner

 Yay! I am 21!!! Yesterday was birthday and I celebrated with my mom we went shopping I purchase very cute things and great deals as well. I wore light jeans and a orange shirt easy to go shopping. My mom gave me this beautiful  coach bag I was not expending a gift from her since she gave a lot of things during june. I went out to eat with my boyfriend to an italian restaurant I ate a lot the food is amazing!!!!

June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Finally 21, I still feel the same nothing different anyways, I will be celebrating my birthday with my family and my boyfriend. I got my birthday cake from cake boss I will show them to you on tomorrow post? It's pink obviously lol.... I hope everything has a great day and don't forget to send me birthday wishes under comments!!!!

June 10, 2014

Coral Red

1more day until my birthday, I hope you my followers write me birthday wish under the comments.
I love wearing dresses during hot days like saturday and sunday, I wore one of my favorite dresses from loft that I bought early fall from last year. I like wearing neutral accessories since the color of the dress is very loud I like to calm it down with neutral handbag and a pink flats. Every women (girl) should have a comfy/ girly dress to wear once in a while, Every women should feel pretty no matter how much money they have, their weight, height, color and etc.. we should look at our selves and tell that we are pretty no matter what people say!!!

June 9, 2014

Kids Fashion

It's  monday and every one knows that is kids fashion, I know last week I didn't post as many as I usually do. Well I am back and I am very excited to be receiving great feedbacks from all of my followers. Today my lovely brother is featuring on the blog doing some kids fashion as every monday, Yesterday it was such a hot day and I wanted for him to feel comfortable and to still look very "cool". 

June 8, 2014

Summer essentials

Summer essentials

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

June 5, 2014

Converse with Grey

 Hello work!! I have been really bad posting this whole week. I am working everyday and I have school so you guys can imagine how I am right now very crazy!!!! Well yesterday I had something for my self and I did some shopping with mom and I wore this very comfy outfit so some shopping time and grabbing some coffee!
Guess what??? My birthday is june 11 I am so excited I am turning 21!!!
I will be posting more next week coming up I promise! Please stay tune for some sumer outfit and skincare routine! Probably a video?
I love mixing and matching colors for example blue and gray some pop of color like my handbag, I mean is spring and is about wearing nice bright colors!!!
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