September 15, 2016

What to fold? (Closet tips)

Getting Started: How you handle the layout of your closet (how your layout looks like)

What to fold:  They are certain things, like knit or delicate tips need to be folded to avoid stretching out the shoulders, everything else is a matter of personal preference.

  Here's what I like to fold:
- Gym clothes
-Sweatshirts and sweatpants
- Leggings
-Knit sweaters

What to Hang: You know those picture- perfect closets you see in movies? Not only are pretty to look at but such organization makes getting dressed faster and easier too
Divide items by type: Group skirts in once section,shirts in another and so on. My favorite items I wear are casual dresses. I keep in the center for easy access. Formal dresses and coats get put in the harder to reach spaces
Arrange items by color: Now you have similar items in once place, organize each section by color so it looks like a beautiful rainbow. 

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