July 31, 2014

Red with Stripes

 It's Thursday and I'm sure everyone is getting ready for the weekend for example beach, shopping, traveling,etc.. I wanted to share with everyone my go to outfit! Whats better to wear black leggings and a stripe sweater. A casual look for the weekend, I bought this shoes from Lord & Taylor and they match perfectly with my sweater from Jcrew (on sale). It's a great time to go shopping now many summer items are on sale and they have such a great deals.

July 30, 2014

Black and Neutrals

 I'm back! I was away from blogging for different reasons and now I am back and show you some of my favorite new items. I am wearing my new black skirt from Nordstrom I feel that maxi skirts are amazing for summer very easy to accessorize. What better then a scallop shirt with beats and very neutral. I love outfits like this because I can always mix and match and do color blocking! I wore my black Carlo Pazolini handbag very simple classic bag go to perfectly with my outfit

July 22, 2014

Simple and Casual

I love a white shirt because it's so versatile I recently purchase this white shirt on sale for such a good price. It's from guess and bloomindales they have really good items on sale right now. Well somedays I don't know what to wear or how to match some colors. Well for those days that I'm sure everyone has here is the simple white shirt with a pair of jeans. Always add some color of flats and my wallet from kate spade to make things better. 

July 21, 2014


Happy Monday! 
I wanted to share what I did on the weekend, Nothing too especially but I def had fun with friends, family. This summer the weather is not hot this past week the weather was 80 the highest and I feel that is not good for the beach. What better weekend to go shopping and grab some amazing food! 
I have received some great emails from my followers, I wanted to say Thank you!!! It means so much to me received emails like that! 

July 18, 2014

Weekend Ready

Yay! It's friday everyone!!
I wanted to share my most needed weekend accessories. what better then a cross body handbag! 
I like having a nice pop of color of handbag, it makes everything better. 
Yesterday I purchase a new perfume from Carlo Pazolini (blue) it smells very floral and very clean for the summer, they had the red one which smells more stronger not for me but I am loving the blue one!
I also purchase a new wrist waller where my phone fits as well, perfect for the summer. It's perfect for small bags, travels, road trips, etc.. 

July 16, 2014

Wednesday Favorites

Happy Hump day! 
I am sharing my favorite items for this week, I am loving all of this items and what better to share them with my followers. 

1. Most of us are always looking for a magazine to read and to also grab some fashion tips!
2. Kate spade agenda: I love to be organize and like to know what I have to do during the week (post during the week)
3. Phone case : I purchase this new case on friday I know it may have a double meaning I just love it
4. Valentino Perfume : I have this perfume for a couple of months now and it smells so fresh perfect for the summer
5. YSL lips: Love this color/ bright pink/ Summer lip favorite
6. Tissue: Its summer, allergies or we get summer sick with the ac (always on my bag)
7. Bando charger : I am always running low of batterie and what better then a cute portable charger
   (always needed for road trips and vacations/ beach)  

July 15, 2014

Maxi dress

 Hi!!!!! I am so happy to share with you guys that I am always scared to wear maxi dresses because of my height I am 5"1 and I always see talk girls wearing it! Well as everyone know already I am addicted to Nordstrom and they have this maxi dress in different colors. I bought this dress is on sale now! The height on the dress is perfect me which is really weird for me! I also purchase a black maxi skirt the height on the skirt is perfect as well. I pair my dress with a stripes blazer(cardigan), I am also wearing my favorite crew necklace . I just love this look is so easy to match and it looks good from day to night. I love looks like this!!!!! 
* No one should feel bad about their height or the weight everyone is perfect how they are, we should love our body. God created us differently and their is always a purpose for everything!

July 14, 2014

Children's Fashion

It's monday again! Most of us are tired and wanted to be in bed, I know everyone goes thru this in the morning! Well to make our monday a bit better. Today is playing safe with colors well Jeremiah is wearing  different shades of blues. For boys is a bit more easy to match well his wearing everything from Polo. It's simple as that just wearing different shades of blues does not look bad on children and also on adults. We can wearing different shades of blues, white just the right shades nothing too much.... 

July 11, 2014

White with Stripes

 Happy Friday!!!
Today's post is a bit more casual (for summer days/nights) Well I will share with you guys that my mom is the one who takes my pictures and little by little we are getting better with the pictures I think? Well I went to the park by my house to create a different atmosphere to the daily post! I love being able to wear white shorts and a simple shirt with a statement necklace, I mean what girl does not like that? Anyways back to the post I love using my white cross body cwonder handbag. It goes with everything and is perfect for the summer (small) good for walking/ running errands everyday! Like I share with you guys the post from yesterday my new addiction are the espadrilles from sperrys (gold) I also bought the white color. They are so comfortable!!!! I def recommend it to everyone. 

July 9, 2014

Mustard & Neutrals

It's finally wednesday, we are getting closer to the weekend!
The weather this week has been very hot and extremely humid and I don't always want to wear dresses and I recently purchase the mustard colors shorts that I am wearing, they are on sale now on Armani exchange. The material is very soft (perfect for summer), I love wearing light fresh tops and especially like the one I'm wearing from Loft I found it on sale for $18 AWESOME!!!!!

July 7, 2014

Children's Fashion

Hello Mondays!! Yes, is monday and is a struggle to go back to work after a long weekend like 4th of july! Well we are back with Childrens fashion. Now the weather has change is always hot and humid as well. Today is all about playing with colors. As we can see is so much fun color mixing for boys as well. Jeremiah is wearing his new guess kids orange shorts they come with the belt that his wearing it. We mixed it with a orange and grey stripes tee and just to make it a bit more colorful we add the guess short sleeves shirt mixing blue and orange. For shoes a grey Ralph Lauren (Polo). 

Todays colors were: orange/ blue/ grey
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