May 30, 2014

Everyday look

Happy Friday  loves!  Is me or this week went by so fast??? I am loving the weather from yesterday since  is was sunny but not humid. I like wearing leggins a lot with loose tops or tunics since is very comfy for school and to be running some errands. I mean who doesn't like wearings lol I feel that girls just wear leggins no more jeans. Here is my look from yesterday I went to school and later on I was running some errands 

May 28, 2014

Turquoise with Stripes

Today is kinda of a windy day in New Jersey and I don't mind it at all because this last few days we had a little bit of humid days! Yesterday I was running around some errands with my mom and I decided to wear my joe fresh dress I had also shown this dress Here it is
I am loving my new handbag new Rebacca Minkoff mini mac cross body Here it is the same style!
I hope everyone has a great week!!!

May 27, 2014

Blue and Hearts

 Hello world!!! Today I am starting my summer classes and my class is very early in the morning lol. I love sleeping in but I guess not anymore. Anyways I recently purchase this cool looking pants from bloomindales I thought they will look good with any solid color of shirt I love having funky pants 
I love blue because the color will be great all year around. I wore neutral accessories to bring down the colors, I love my new sunglasses from Nordstrom Here it is

May 26, 2014

Kids Fashion

Happy Memorial Day!!
I have not been posting everyday last week thats because I had work almost like everyday and it takes time, anyways here is the monday post and everyone knows that every monday we have a kids fashion post with the collaboration of my little brother! Yesterday we had church like every sunday and I wanted to do more bright colors and do some blues!
I hope everyone enjoys the post!!!

May 20, 2014

{ 2 ways to wear} Blues

Welcome everyone!!!
For today I have decided to do a little bit of a different post since most of the time I am always running around from school to work I decided how to wear this blue jacket into two different ways. Now that we are in spring I love to be outside more to enjoy the nice warm weather well that does not mean we gotta change outfit when we come from work to go outside for diner or just to relax.
We can change just the pants and if we want shoes and we can have a more of a casual look from to day to night!
Read more for the rest of the post

May 19, 2014

Kids Fashion

 I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!! 
Kids fashion is here! I have been receiving a lot of feedback about post like this, I think many of us like girls styles more because they have more choices but now that I have a brother, I am always looking for fashion pieces for boys. My mother loves dressing him with dress shirts (more dressy) but I love to dress him a bit more casual lol The latest post I have put up were more with dress shirts but I was getting emails about to do more casual looks.  Here is the post Jeremiah is wearing one of his newest sneakers I got him. I was a little bit worry about the color since they are so bright I bought them at foot locker and I was thinking umm idk but I got them anyway. Last week I went to bloomindales and we saw this under armor sweats and my mom said it would look great with his sneakers. Here is the complete look! 

May 16, 2014

Blue & Purples

Happy friday everyone!! Well for me this week went flying I guess because of finals lol... Anyways I am so happy because I am done with the spring semester. I am ready for my summer classes and summer offcuerse. Yesterday I went to the radio station star 99.1 for anyone who didn't know I am christian and at the radio station they invited my family and I to meet Michael W. Smith he is an amazing christian singer, we got to talk to him and we also got his latest cd. I had such an amazing time, I got to meet amazing people from the radio station. Here is my look of what I wore for the "mini concert" 

May 15, 2014

Florals & Nude

 Woah! This week went by so fast is already Thursday!  This was my last week of the semester, I am so happy because that means more time for blogging. you guys think I should change the look of my blog? Please let me know and comment if I should change the look! Well back to the blog, last week the weather change completely and it was extremely humid. My mother, brother and I went around town and I took some pictures with the lovely trees. I wore this amazing pants from crew that I bought last year, they fit great! Floral pants can go with nice neutral top I wore a sleeves shirt from Joe's with some orange necklace to give a pop of color! Great look for everyday school, diner, etc..
I will love to hear about how each of you dress during week

May 14, 2014

Too faced "Beauty Blogger"

 Hello Everyone! I have been dying to show you this beauty pieces, I purchase this beauty bloggers love by too faced at ultra and I just saw it there and I don't own any too faced make up and what better way to try it with this kit right? It was $20 not bad for too faced brand, anyways I bought this item last tuesday and I was trying it out before I show you guys because I don't want any of you buying something that won't work. I personally love it!!!!! I was telling girls from work and also my cousins to buy this because I believe is a limited edition so ladies please go to ultra ASAP!
Read more to see the rest of the pictures!

May 12, 2014

Kids Fashion

Let's start a great week with a fun post. It's monday and everyone knows what that means KIDS FASHION, yesterday for mothers day we went to church and little boy wore his new puma sneakers they light up. I think buying sneakers with lights will be fun for them because they will be having fun  with it. The weather has change dramatically we are getting 80 degree weather lol lets hope it doesn't change! I hope all the moms out there had a great mothers day. I hope everyone has a great monday and a great week!

May 10, 2014

Shopping Outfits

 Yay! Is finally saturday it means crunch time to buy the perfect gift for mothers day. I have some ideas of what to wear for shopping. Most mall will be def busy so we want to be as more comfy as we can by just wearing some black leggins comfy flats with a nice sweater or blouse. I hope everyone has a safe weekend and have fun shopping and spending time with momma!!! 
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May 8, 2014

Finals week outfit

omg is finally thursday and mothers day is around the corner I have created a collage for some gift ideas for mothers day I will be posting it by the end of the day or friday. I already purchase my mom her gift I hope she likes it. Anyways I bought myself the white converse on saturday and I have wore then everyday since saturday lol I know it may seen crazy but I am in love with them, I  highly recomend the white converse for the spring/summer. I never owned converse before this are my first converse ever and I love them. Is finals and I really wanna be comfy and stay focus in school I am wearing leggins almost everyday first because they are comfy and they look good with anything on. back to the outfit I paired it with my lovely long sleeve I purchase at nordstrom during the winter. Is a very casual and simple look for finals/ study mood 

May 6, 2014

Green & Black

 Hello everyone! I am super excited because I have been trying to wear this green cardigan for a long time ago and I wore this on Sunday to go to church! I like mixing colors and wear looks of bracelets lol you guys probably know this by now
Anyways here is look of sunday I hope everyone likes the post 

May 5, 2014

Kids fashion

 New week, new post
Today is monday and as everyone knows I will be doing kids fashion every monday featuring by my brother. Here wore this yesterday for church. Dressing up boys may seen very simple but boys can wear very nice pieces. He was having fun with this buzz light year taking pictures.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Time to start a new great week 
ps. my birthday is coming soon!!!

May 4, 2014

Stripes and Colors

 Happy sunday y'all!!!
I am loving the weather lately here in Jersey is 80 to 70 degrees but today sunday is a bit more chilly here is my look from yesterday. The weather was gorgeous too bad I had to work but I went out to do some errands with my mother in the morning and I wore this amazing new dress I got from Joe fresh at jcpenney! Check out the other photos !!!
Have a great week everyone

May 3, 2014

Pink and gold

 Happy saturday everyone!!!
I am loving my black flats with the gold bow it reminds me a little bit of kate spade
I am all about pastels colors this season and also to wear bracelets, I went to eat at this burger place with my boyfriend yesterday and I wore this, is very casual and yet still a little bit dressy because of the button down (for my opinion). The burgers are amazing and the fries are delicious! I had a great week at school and work how was your week? comment down bellow 

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