August 29, 2014

Labor day weekend sale

Hello!!! I am back! 
Sorry for the last two days that I wasn't posting but I had a lot going on with school about to star and work. But I am back and well yesterday after work I was shopping around because for the people that do not know on Thursday the sales will star for any retail stores, so we do not have to on monday to see what sales they have. Here is what I purchase yesterday! 
Cwonder is having an amazing sale!!! I bought some accesories I pay nothing compare to what they cost as full price...

August 26, 2014

New school purchase

Hello world!!!!
Well everyone stars schools on september and yesterday I went to target to buy some cute little things for school (offcuerse pink). Well I end up buying other things but here is what I bought at target. The only thing I got from Papyrus what the Kate spade clips for notebooks, agendas, etc... Well I'ts always good to stay organize and I always need some bright colors to make me go to school (idk it motives me)....

August 25, 2014


I am trying to wear all of my summer clothes before the fall comes ( I love fall), I am trying to pair my white pants as much as I can! Well I love how my look turn up to. I love looks wear I can be comfy like my crew blue sweater. Its a spring sweater very light and extremely comfortable.  I can still bring this outfit to the early fall and just wear some closed wedges (less summery). Blue is a color to wear all year around which is great because I can transition this blue sweater and clutch for fall/ Winter. 

August 22, 2014

What's in my school bag?

What's in my school bag?

School is around the corner and most of us girls are looking for the perfect agenda and colorful pencils well here is what I carry with me everyday to school. I cannot leave my house without them
I hope everyone has a great weekend

1. Longchamp
2. Kate spade agenda
3. Notebook
4. Phone case
5. Pencils from target
6. Ted baker make up bag
7. Mini ipad 

August 21, 2014


Yay! Its thursday finally I can see the weekend!!!!
Well I wore this comfy outfit yesterday to a mini christian concert, it was lot of fun and food, I love the venue where it was located and I wore my comfy pants from tjmaxx. I pair it with my ruffle tank and a cardigan because they keep those places extremely cold. I love going to concert and specially to worship God. Well I hope everyone gets to enjoy this post and don't forget to give me a link on Facebook and instagram!!!

August 20, 2014


It's the middle of the week and I will like to share with everyone some news about my blog!
1. I am restarting my tutorial videos (youtube channel)
2. Giveaways
3. Maybe redesign my blog?? 
4.  I will be showing make up tips 
5. I need more followers on my blog (Can you help me?)

Thanks for reading!!!!
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August 19, 2014


Who doesn't love sunglasses ????
Well I love them special to take pictures ,I feel that it makes the pictures look pretty lol...
Anyways I wanted to share with everyone that sunglasses are amazing for the summer not just because they are cute but also it protects us from the sung. Hats are always good also we don't want our face to face the sun too much... Well is a great time of the year to buy sunglasses most stores and department stores are having amazing sales on them and also we can wear them during the winter!!
So is a win! win!!!

August 18, 2014

Shades of blue

 Blues are always on trend and also floral has become a big print for the summer/ fall. 
What better to pair different tones of blues with a simple floral print for a windy day.
I had a complete different outfit post but my white pants got dirty and I had to improvise with this outfit, I feel that it came good for a diner up town or just hanging out with friends. I had this tank for about two years now and I don't wear it as often is one those pieces that I love but don't wear much. Well I had this blue dress pants that I wear to work (ankle pants), I pair it with my blue(purple) cardigan from Loft (perfect for a windy afternoon) , my floral tank to make a fun outfit. I had this handbag for a while now and never it wore it, I feel that I looks very vintage and expensive well I bought it at Tjmaxx. 

ps. read more for the full outfit 

August 15, 2014

Weekend here I come

Yay! Its friday!!! And it means time to hang out with friends and family and why not eat some little! Well thru this week I have been eating very healthy but here are some pictures of my favorite plates I have so far. Its always good to expend the weekend with fun people and to pig out lol...

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August 13, 2014

Stripes/ Linen

Happy Hump day everyone!
Well today's post I am featuring my blue linen pants I know I show them yesterdays post but I wanted to show you a different way to style linen pants. Its very popular linen in the summer well I wore them yesterday to my cousins birthday party. It was a family party very chill and relax and what better to wear my comfy linen pants from jcrew and a loose summer sweater. 
Yesterday's post I was wearing the same pants which go with everything!

Ps. I will be doing a giveaway next monday!

August 12, 2014


What's better to wear blue linen pants? They are so comfortable and they look good with everything. Well I didn't know what to wear to an event I had, I decided to be comfortable and still look good. It's a perfect outfit for everyday/ chill out. Blues are great because we can wear it all year around and I just pair it with neutral shoes and handbag. 

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August 11, 2014

Classy & Sassy

I am loving my white skirt I recently scored it for such a steal and I mean I had to get it! Well in person this skirt is looks more dressy then the pictures. Well I wore this outfit yesterday for church and I love dressing up and specially for church. Since I was a little girl I remember I always wore pink and floral dresses and I still do it now! Well back to the outfit I had this polka dots blouse from Loft is like a petter pan collar which I love so much. I wore it with my new shoes from Lord&taylor they are on sale for a great deal. 

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August 8, 2014

'Rouge Louboutin'

Happy Friday everyone!!!
As everyone already knows about the Christian Louboutin nail polish, It has arrive to nearest Nordstrom and I have fall in love with the bottle and the presentation. The nail polish is $50 but come on its just so adorable who doesn't want it??? 

August 7, 2014

Stripes & hair style

The weekend is almost here! I wore this outfit yesterday the weather was a bit hot and I decided to wear a soft and comfy dress to be running errands with mom. I have love this dress from Joe Fresh I also recently just purchase a similar style of a dress is just sleeves less. Well I am showing you on this post a very easy hair style for summer days or if we are running late. 

* Read more for the hair details*

August 6, 2014

Black & Grey

Hello there! So I had this post ready for yesterday and I kinda forgot to hit publish lol my bad, well here is one of my favorite looks right now. The weather has change two days ago it was chilly and yesterday it was so hot around the east coast! I am kinda of obssesed with my Carlo Pazolini bag. Its just classic and simple. I wore my new necklace and sweater from crew! I bought them for a great price and why not wear pair it with my marissa dress pants from loft, Love this pants they are so comfy!!! A very lay back look for like a diner or a night up town. 

*read more for outfit details*

August 4, 2014

Children's Fashion

It's monday and I'm sure most of us are still sleepy and want to be in bed. All I gotta say its Happy monday!!! (not so happy). Well Childrens fashion is back on the blog, please let me know if you guys like children's fashion comment down below or send me an email at
For the outfit I decided to pair it with skinny jeans a gap plain white shirt and just a button shirt from guess. Lately the weather has change some days are hot other chilly with wind. It's always good to be prepared for example I like to carry a small white or blue cardigan in my handbag, most restaurants are very chilly or even the mall. 

Read more for outfit details...

August 1, 2014

Accessories and Necklace

Yay! It's friday already I wanted to share how I keep my jewelry and how I organize them, I love accessories and I like to keep them visible to my eyes that way I know what I can wear with my outfits. I use two stands the left one is from michaels and the right one is from Tjmaxx. 

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