My Beauty secrets

"Happy Tuesday Loves"
I know I haven't post many beauty products or sharing my personal tips with beauty but today I am sharing my "TOP SECRET" beauty!!!!

1. Clean your cell phone with antibacterial wipes: to prevent chin and cheek breakouts. You should do it every morning or every night (try at least once a week) 

2. It takes 30 minutes for sunscreen to absorb fully into your skin: apple it before going outside and reapply every 2 hours 

3. Concealer should always follow foundation: if your put in on first and then blend foundation, the foundation will cover up the concealer 

4. If you are worried about wrinkles: mix concealer with a dab of eye cream so it won't settle into lines.

5. Primer is ideal for special occasion: makes pores look smaller and try to get the gel or lotion that goes under foundation and makes wrinkles less obvious 

6. Never pump your mascara:  forcing the wand into the tube and pulling it out quickly pushes air into it, drying out the mascara. 

7. Unsure of which pink is best for you? Just smile: your perfect shade is about the same color as your gums 

8. Make teeth looks whiter: with lip color that has blue undertones (like cherry red) it will offset any yellowness

9. Pick a liner thats the same color as your lips: liner is meant to correct and fill in lips where you need it

10. To make lipstick last longer: fill in the entire lip with a neutral pencil before applying color 

11. Use a base coat to prevent polish pigment from seeping: into nails and yellowing them, it also keeps polish from drying nails.