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Welcome to Fashionista93x!

What's your name? Samantha Barrenechea
How old are you? 25 years old // my birthday is June 11
What made you want to start blogging? I became interest with fashion and people always ask me about my outfits and ask me questions how to dress .My blog has become a place where I can let out my feelings / share my interests / inspire others . I also wanted to share my outfits.
Why did you choose the name Fashionita93x? I wanted to deal with fashion and what better then fashionista and 93 is the year I was born and the x was just random lol..
Describe your style.  My style tends to vary a lot. Sometimes, I'll feel like wearing everything preppy. And by preppy, I mean...bows, red lipstick, plaid, pearls, and more layered pearls, monogrammed necklaces, pink. Or, I am a sucker for all things nautical. Or, some days I just throw on a baseball cap, sneaker wedges, leather jacket, etc. Basically, what I'm implying is that, I don't have one favorable style. I like a pinch of everything.

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