10 Closet Eseentials

Happy Monday Fashionistas!!
I decided to share one of my favorite tips/tricks "closet essentials" I narrowed it down to "10 important pieces" every women/ young teen should have in their closet btw they are under $100. No matter what style tribe you belong to, here is a lost of everyday pieces that you'll want to buy. 

1)  : The perfect white tee can be transformed from a casual t-shirt and jeans look to a saturday night party outfit if style with a fancy skirt. These can get dirty easily so buy them new/ preferable in a piece, but don't spend a lot. 

2): Every day denim (skinny my choice) northing in your closet gets more mileage then your favorite pair of jeans. Ideally these should last for at least a couple of years. Designer jeans can be cost upward of $100, but you should be able to find a good denim for less then $40.

3) : The little black dress as the classic girl knows the most versatile staples in a girl's closet. In fact I believe so strongly in the power of the LBDS. Choose one that suits your style tribe and it can take you from day to night.

4): Warm jacket entirely dependent on the climate you live in. The warmer the coat the more expensive it will be. 

5):  a well tailored blazer can make any outfit look polished. Find one that speaks to the elements of your style tribe to ensure that you'll wear it often.

6) : Your not moving around enough if you don't have a pair of sneakers that you love to wear! 

7): I am usually wearing flats because they are cute, comfortable and easy to slip on and off. 

8)Boots are typically more expensive but they can also last a lifetime, as long as your feet don't grow!  

9): Every girl should own a pair of black/ neutral comfortable pumps, wether they're for a first job or first date. If you already have a basic pump, your next purchase should be one in a punchy color that can be used as an accent in your outfit. 

10) : Black/ Nude handbag is a most they go with everything and also all year long weather!