September 30, 2014

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September 29, 2014

Bye September!!!

September 27, 2014


Hello It's Saturday yay!!!!
Yesterday I went to the spa with my boyfriend and I was there all day and I forgot to post sorry!!! 
I know I don't usually post on saturday but I wanted to show you my new bracelets, most of you have seen the post that I make handmade bracelets. Here are the bracelets that I have made. If any of you would like to order them please comment down bellow or send me an email at

Have a great day!!!! 

September 25, 2014


I am back!!! Yesterday was such an important day, it was my brother's first day of school!!! Very excited for him but kind of sad because his growing up so fast. Well anyways back to the post!! I decided to do a giveaway to all of my followers, world wide!!!

1. Hand lotion from Victoria secret
2. One lip color from cover girl
3. Three bracelets made by me! (order your bracelets by just sending me an email)

Steps to enter giveaway: 
1. Follow me on social media, any of these: (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest) 

2. Comment down bellow saying enter giveaway

Good luck everyone!!!

*Last day to enter the giveaway will be on Sunday!!! Winner will be post monday 29

September 22, 2014

First day of fall

OMG!!! I have no idea what I had done to my blog, everything change but I hope I will find someone to help me do a new blog design, if any of you know of anyone that can help me please leave a comment down bellow or an email. Well back to my outfit, I went to a hotel for the weekend just kind of to relax with my mom and brother. Here is one of my looks for diner and just a lay back day, I wore a long sweater from Jcrew perfect for fall by the day today is the first day of fall!!! I am very excited I have so many fall pieces to show you! I hope you liked the post, please don't forget to comment down bellow and to become a follower here on the blog!

Bottom: Forever 21 leggings / Sweater: Jcrew / Shoes: Lord&taylor / Handbag: Carlo Pazolini / Bracelets: Loft/ Jcrew/ Fashionista93x / Necklace: Jcrew 

Lace with black

Outfit Details:

Bottom: Loft (marissa style)
Shoes: Tjmaxx
Handbag: Carlo Pazolini
Top: Lord&taylor brand 
Necklace: Loft girl 
Bracelets: loft/ jcrew/ fashionista93x

September 19, 2014


Yay! Finally friday! 
I had a great week and I also got to do some favorite things for example shop and also make new bracelets!!!! Well here is my post I went to this expo center where they had a red carpet and I felt like a diva (hahaha). Here is the outfit I wore yesterday very comfy top with my favorite statement necklace from Jcrew.

September 18, 2014

Mixing Blues

Yay! It's Thursday and I mean who's not excited for the weekend? 
Well I went out with my mom for a little bit of shopping and I bought the most amazing scarf at loft for the fall. It will definetely be feature on the blog very soon! I wore some trendy pieces for the fall. Every girl is wearing vest, leggings and offcuerse flats! Here is my outfit of mixing and matching different shades of blue. I am excited to be doing a giveaway on my blog the give away will start on monday!

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September 17, 2014

Casual + Comfy

So I decided to do an everyday look, some days we may not know what to wear or also what can we wear during the weekend. I love creating comfy looks but still look good. I wore my coach sneakers again they are perfect for walking and they look so cute! Whats better to pair it with a leather vest and just a basic white long sleeve shirt. Sometimes its good to go simple. I love this gray leggings with leather stripes I also have this one in black,you can find them at pink (victoria secret). 

September 16, 2014

Black with Red

Since summer is over over my weekend my family and I, we decided to go to six flags just to say bye summer. Well the weather was very crazy and around one o'clock it started raining! But we still had lots of fun I ate so much! And offcuerse I decided to do what I wore to six flags. Always comfortable (most likely with sneakers, leggings and a comfy top). Well you guys know I am more of a dressy person I wore comfortable pieces but I kinda made it more fashionable. I think it's always no matter where or what we are doing we gotta look our best!!!!

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September 15, 2014

Leopard with neutrals

I am so ready for fall? can you guys tell!!!
Well yesterday the weather was very weird it was sunny but windy, well I decided to wear some fall essentials. I mean leopard is a most for fall right? Well I love this particular outfit, It will probably be a repeat outfit. I love mixing neutrals with leopard. I had so much shooting this look, today the weather its just cold!!! I am excited for fall outfits and vest...
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September 12, 2014

Happy Friday

Yay! It's friday!!!!!
I love the weekend not just because I get to sleep late but also I get to relax.
Here is my go to outfit for any errands, quick bite, or etc...
I am so excited to be making bracelets I already have some orders and I will be making more styles during the weekend. Thank you for all of my followers and for everyone who visits my blog!
I hope everyone gets to enjoy the weekend and don't forget to order your bracelets....

Outfit details....

September 11, 2014

Handmade Jewelry on Sale

I am not just a blogger I love to create bracelets for my self and I decided to why not sale it to my followers. All of this items are handmade by me! Its fun for an arm candy! And also for all ages and all year around. If any of you are interested about buying any of this items and I recently made comment down bellow or send me an email at
I don't have a site for my jewelry yet but for now we can talk thru email or comments. 
Thank you all for you support and for always checking my blog!!

Read more for different styles!!!

September 9, 2014

End of Summer

Most of us know that summer is over and specially with the weather change, around here the weather is 70 degrees! Well Sunday afternoon I went to a christian concert. It was so much fun, I got to take pictures with the band we saw "all things new", "josh wilson" and "Matthew west" I have pictures with them...... I can't wait to go to another concert!!! I had a blast and offcuerse I ate so much haahah.... I decided to wear my green pants from loft (on sale) and a linen white sweater just to be comfortable. Well I have some pictures to share with you guys! I hope you guys enjoy the post as much as I did....

September 8, 2014

Monday News

Hello!! I know I haven't post for a couple of days now! Well is just that I started school and the first week are always the hardest. Well I had a great post for you today but my camera is just being silly today. Well I am very excited to tell you that I am going to record a video on wednesday so if you guys want me to teach you or show you something please comment on my integral page or Facebook page. I will answer all of the comments!!! 
Talk to you guys later!!!!
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September 1, 2014

Labor day

Happy Labor day!!!
Yesterday the weather in jersey was insane! It was extremely humid during the day and then we got so much rain but my power went off lol... what a day I had yesterday. Here is my outfit from yesterday! Very simple and yet very fresh for a humid day. 
I wore my Loft dress, so comfortable!!!
Sometimes we don't always have to dress up or wearing high heels, they are some lay back days just to wear a simple stripes dress and just pair it with a neutral accessories 
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