April 29, 2014

Blues & Black

 Todays look is what I wore to school yesterday. I like wearing vest a lot for the spring and fall is an item that every girl should have. Anyways to the look I like wearing comfy clothes to school and also wear something dressy. I hope everyone enjoys the post. 
The last day to enter the giveaway is Wednesday, I will be annocing the winner thursday morning!
Good luck everyone!!!!!

April 26, 2014

Denim with Fur

 Saturday afternoon I had a kids birthday party and I wanted to wear something comfortable but still look fashionable. Here is my saturday look.
I love looks like this because the fur makes the outfit look more dressy but still look casual at the same thing. Is very easy to still wear some pieces from the fall to spring. I receive lots of complements with my denim shirt from loft, the color has some nice detailing.
I hope everyone enjoys the post and pics
Happy saturday!!!

April 20, 2014

Easter Outfit

 Happy Easter everyone!!! Today morning my family and I went church just like every other sunday but this sunday is very special because we celebrate Jesus how he resurated. Is time to thank the Lord for each others life and for our life. Here is what I wore for today is very simple and yet still elegant as well. I hope you guys like it and Please become one of my followers right now I only have 5 but with you help I know we can do it!!!
Have a great easter!!

April 17, 2014

Easter Cupcakes

Hello World!!!
It's almost easter and I LOVE to make cupcakes and cookies to my 4 year old brother, 
I like to make craft with him and to also decorate cupcakes, I did this for my niece and my cousins my brother did his cupcakes of race car style lol 
Its very simple and easy to make this cupcakes for any birthday party, easter or any occasion at all,
I am not a great cooker but for baking is complete different thing lol.. (it sounds weird to say)

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