June 9, 2014

Kids Fashion

It's  monday and every one knows that is kids fashion, I know last week I didn't post as many as I usually do. Well I am back and I am very excited to be receiving great feedbacks from all of my followers. Today my lovely brother is featuring on the blog doing some kids fashion as every monday, Yesterday it was such a hot day and I wanted for him to feel comfortable and to still look very "cool". 

Jeremiah likes to wear color. His wearing his blue shorts from guess kids, the material of the short is very light and if the shorts gets wet the material dries very quick. I pair it with his new carter tshirt with some orange and teal. He wore the matching white shirt with the shorts, the shirt is from guess kids as well. 
Shoes are puma for him to run and feel comfortable while he plays!!!
I hope everyone enjoys the post!!

if any of you have kids and want to feature them on my blog you guys can send me an email  fashionista93x@gmail.com and send me pics of your kids, nieces, etc.. to be up on the blog next monday!
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