June 27, 2014

The view

Happy Thursday everyone! Well yesterday I went to the view they record this show since Barbara was going to be a guest, the show will be going live this friday 27! Watch it maybe you guys can find me lol.. Well the weather was so humid but I still had an amazing time and offcuerse some shopping! Well here are some pictures I got to take during commercials! All of the host were so nice to everyone they were talking to all of the guest and making jokes I love it! I went with my boyfriend, It was a different experience!

Before the show!

what they do during the show!

During commercials

Bill Rancic as a gust co host / He was talking to everyone during commercials He is such an amazing person 

Barbara as a guest !

During commercials 

The tickets I went with my bf we had an amazing day 

Columbus circle/ shopping time

Look who I ran into the cake boss cafe at the city
 photo fashionsig_zps6ada3a0a.png

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