April Top 5 Beauty products

Happy Saturday! It is finally the weekend, which is means errands all day, lunch with your friends, mani and pedi and why  not some shopping. Today I wanted to share my top 5 beauty products. Spring is here which means we need a good foundation to last all day from work, errands, and etc... thats is the reason why I will be sharing two different type of foundation that for me as worked. 

1. Primer- Before any foundation we need a good primer that will help the make up stay all day, my current favorite one is....
2. MAC foundation- I love this foundation well first of all is a pro longer and waterproof foundation. After applying the foundation your skin looks amazing and light.
3.Mac studio Tech- is your not into any foundation well this mac studio tech foundation is to die for, it is very easy to apply if your one of those people that are always on the go this will be perfect for you. I love to adding to my makeup bag. 
4. Blush- It is very important to add some color to our face, I love the blush that is linked in here. 
5.YSL lip color- Having a lip color that stands out and add color to your outfit is the perfect lip color. The one from YSL is very smooth, stays all day and it keeps your lips looking great! 

Thank you for reading!