May 4, 2020

Working From Home Tips

Working from home can be very beneficial for some people and for others it can be the copy comletely opposite. Specially if you have your children with you it can be extremely hard. Well today I am sharing my personal tips that have worked for me.

Tips "working from home"
1. Create your work area:  (desk,table, etc..) any space you have at home called worked area it will make you feel that you are working from home and you know once you sit there things are getting done.
2. Set up a time: working from home can be very flexible create your  a schedule for yourself and to know what time your working ! This will make you feel like your actually working and getting things complete.
3. Take a break: Taking little breaks can also help you stay motivated, take coffee breaks. Of course set up a time for 5-10 minutes. 
4. Listen: Sometimes listening to music can help some people stay in the zone/ focused. Usually I will play some christian  music or some instrumental depends on my mood.
5. Charge: Don't forget to charge your laptop/ cellphone if you are ever on conference meeting and your running low on battery it can be very frustating and it will take your time. 
6. Take work with you: The weather is finally getting perfect here in Jersey and I have recently taken my work outdoors, bring your favorite drink with some snacks it will make your day feel amazing and your working outdoors. I personally love going to my backyard and enjoy a perfect spring day. 
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