June 27, 2019

Summer Shopping Tips

Everyone knows that I love shopping and I mean anything, I can go to the most random store and find something I think is inside of me just to shop.  I wanted to share my summer fashion tips and some personal stories. 

1. Wear a cross body handbag- I love small bags and best when is a cross body one. Since your going to be using your hands to look around and carry the all of the shopping bags.

2. Wear sandals or flats- you want your feet to be comfortable also to have easy access to try on new shoes.

3. Have your hair in ponytail- Summer is already so hot and humid I like my hair in a low ponytail to have my hair more organize specially when I am trying on clothes. 

4. Make up- Wearing light or no makeup is key to shopping. Trying on clothes and getting make up on the shirt you want. It is not ideal  I recommend on wearing a BB cream with blush. 


  1. I love wearing a cross body when I shop! So convenient & one less thing to hold & keep track of!

    -madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com


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