October 4, 2016

Blush Formulas

Blush Formulas I had to do my research for this post because I honestly knew about them but didn't know which one is/are better and what makes them different. Well here we go!!

Powder: is the easiest formula to use (my favorite one) it blends easily and works on all skin types

Gel: delivers sheer color, but blending is a bit more difficult, it works well for smooth skin

Cream: godson smoothly and leaves a dewy finish, which is great for dry skin

Cream/Powder: goes on as cream and dries to a long-lasting powder finish, it is best for normal skin

Chubby pencils: are very portable and easy to blend, they are the best for normal to dry skin

Cheek tints: are similar to gels, they go on sheer for a stained look and can be difficult to blend, tints work only for smooth skin

Pot rouge: provides bendable color for normal to dry skin types, these products are usually creamy in texture and packaged in pots, they provide a sheer skin on the cheeks and medium coverage on the lips.


  1. This was so helpful. I got one of those chubby ones in my ipsy and had no idea how/if i should use it.

  2. Powders are my favorite, too. I love how blend-able they are.
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com


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