Kids Fashion

 I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!! 
Kids fashion is here! I have been receiving a lot of feedback about post like this, I think many of us like girls styles more because they have more choices but now that I have a brother, I am always looking for fashion pieces for boys. My mother loves dressing him with dress shirts (more dressy) but I love to dress him a bit more casual lol The latest post I have put up were more with dress shirts but I was getting emails about to do more casual looks.  Here is the post Jeremiah is wearing one of his newest sneakers I got him. I was a little bit worry about the color since they are so bright I bought them at foot locker and I was thinking umm idk but I got them anyway. Last week I went to bloomindales and we saw this under armor sweats and my mom said it would look great with his sneakers. Here is the complete look! 

 I think he looks handsome!!

sneakers- Foot locker
Under armor- Bloomindales 
 photo fashionsig_zps6ada3a0a.png