Guess who's back? Back again?


Welcome Back! I know how many times have I said that. I am in a post of my life where I am taking control again from all my hobbies. As adults we focus on work, family and routine life where we forget who we are, what we like, what makes us happy. I am back reading my books, trying to workout daily and taking control of makes me happy! One of those things are my blog! 
I am white out all the dust from this blog and will make it look better than ever! I have so many things to share with you guys hope I still have some people here! 

Will be doing daily post from food, style, cleaning, organizing, workouts, skincare and everything else I love doing! 
I have some amazing new recipes to share and to enjoy this time of the day to make my post and share those things with people that can relate. If you dont follow me on my social media I invite you follow me along and stay tune to new style of blog I will be having!

Love Sammy