August 23, 2021

1 Year Difference / Fitness

 During the pandemic I started to do home workouts and let me tell you something they work! Consistency is key! I know we all have heard of it, trust me I have and I never really believed it. Well during the pandemic I didn't had another option but to do it since there was not much to do. 
April of 2020 was my first home workout and I lost about 40 pounds, all just doing 30-45 minutes workout everyday and eating at home and cutting down on soda. 
Now I have 5 months since I joined a gym and I am seeing results well small results but everything is baby steps, The picture on the left side was a year ago and the right is me right now! I have fat we all have fat, I don't have a flat stomach, I have cellulite but hey I am here to make sure you don't fee like your the only one. 

If you  need help with anything comment and let me know we can help each other out. 

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