January 7, 2021

Workouts at Home work!

Happy New year!
To be completely honest when I saw this pictures side to side I knew that I was no way going to share this to anyone. The only thought I had was how did I decide to not care about my body, it goes beyond on how I look or what size pants am I, its about health and how I am treating my body or what I put in my body. Last April 2020 I decided to start doing home workouts well first of all the gyms were close, I found a great app that is completely free well it had videos so I thought well is like I am having a personal trainer. I did 5 days a week of workouts and I was eating at home (whatever I wanted) I was not limiting my self. I have lost 30 pounds and I need to loose 25 more pounds to reach my goal. Right now I workout for about an hour and do 6 days a week. I am love working out now and I understand that I am doing it for my health. Yes they are days where I don't want to workout and I may take a more easy class or less workout time but I still get it done. 


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