February 7, 2020

What's inside my winter Handbag?

Winter is a season where we are usually too busy to even care about our handbag or even cleaning our handbag. Today I wanted to share exactly what I have in my winter everyday handbag. I use this handbag on a daily, I have the Ella Tote handbag from Tory Burch I received this bag as birthday present from my mom last year. 

Inside my handbag I have a bag organizer that I bought last year from amazon, I think having a bag organizer is the best thing ever since it helps your handbag be clearly organizer, it also helps you move things to another handbag much easier. For example the bag that I have is cloth and the material is soft the organizer helps the bad to be more in shape. 

Inside my bag:
- Hydroflash water bottle
- Yearly Planner
- Everyday make up
- Wallet
-Note book 
- Pair of Gloves
- Car keys
- Snack (always carry something to snack on)
- Wipes ( for any emergency clean up)
- Pads ( when your friend comes unexpectedly) 
- Hand lotion 
- Headphones 

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