February 5, 2020

Apps that help you save $$$

Welcome to my personal blog where I share tips, coupons, fashion, trending, food, etc....  Couple of days ago a close friend was asking me how I save money with different adds or websites, I love talking about saving money because I believe that many people have ways to save money but they are too good to share them with their friends,co-workers and families. Today things are changing I will be sharing my personal apps and websites that have worked for me and I have saved money. Are you ready to start saving money???? Let's begin!!

1. My most favorite app and honestly I had this app for over 4 years now and its crazy to think that my many of my friends didn't know about it, I have the opportunity to share them with you guys and that  it's even more exciting. is.... Shop kick and I have a special code that will get you get  points use it CARD585248
This app will get you points and then you can redeem it into e-giftcards all you need do to is sign up and start walking into stores and scanning the products to start earning your kick. The only think you do is walking into stores and collect points. My whole my family uses it and I have redeem over 20 gift cards thru out the 4 years. 

2. I think that many of you have heard of this app is called ibotta it honestly works all you need to do is sign up and scan your weekly grocery shopping receipts and let the money collect, you can get different money from what type of you food you have and they are always uploading new items weekly. I have code for you guys also it is CGDKLG you will getting money one you scan my code.

3. I have honestly used this app during the holidays and let me tell you guys something I have gotten a cash back of $137 which is amazing! The app / website is... RAKUTEN I absolutely love it.. Everyone always ask me does it really work? I have it for a little more than 2 years now and yes it works. All you need to do is sign up and overtime you are going to buy something online first go to your beats page and search the store you are going to buy and it will tell you the % of the cash back. Every store has a different % of cash back you can also do store pick up as well. My code is FASHIO2367  Use the code for extra $25 cash back. 

4. The last app that have worked for me is FETCH REWARDS this app is amazing you need to sign up and start taking pictures of your weekly receipts to collect points ,after collecting an amount  of points you can select a e-giftcard of your choice. My code is 84UNX

I hope this blogpost is helpful to all of you and get you to the right track on saving money on this new year for you and your family. Comment and let me know if you have tried any of this apps.

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