New Beauty Products

I love to share new beauty products and specially with reviews! I notice that I am getting older because all I am worry about is taking care of my skin,hair, etc.... The reason is to always  look good for you self! Not for your boyfriend,husband,family no its for you!!! 
I have decided that every month I will be sharing new beauty items that I Have tried and recommend with my readers. 
Hair- Plays such an important role in our body. All we do add stress on the hair with heat, color,etc.. I have used the heat control and it works amazing and it leaves the hair after the style look amazing and extra soft.
Lips- Taking care of our lips during the summer is a most we worry about sunscreen for our body and not so much for our lips.
Hair- My hair is not straight many people think that it is! I only wish! My hair get super crazy with humidity! The weather here in NJ has been insane. I started using the anti-humity and I love it!!!!
Deodorant- Spray on will change your life. Especially when wearing black dress lol...

Let me know if you have tried this items before!!