May 9, 2019

Gift ideas for Mom

Many of you enjoy the last post my top 5 gift ideas for mother's day, well today I am sharing a similar  idea for moms, aunts, neighboors, coworkers, friend, etc.. 
My mom can be very hard to shop for since she already has everything and she does not like to ask for gifts or anything. I notice that I will buy her things that make her happy for example candles, kitchen towels with a nice quote, coffee mug with a bible verse, soap for the kitchen and bathroom, foundation. My mom will always say I just want to you and your brother  to be happy and to spend quality time together which we do!! We won't be eating out for mother's day because the restaurants are so busy and we feel rush. We will be cooking some seafood and bake a cake or pastry! My mom since I was little always said that things handmade are the best, that's the reason I am the way that I am.
I hope this post was useful for you!


  1. Great ideas! I so needed these last minute gifts!



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