October 9, 2017

Medieval Times

Happy Monday! 
Today schools are closed because of Columbus day and that means no work for me, it was such a nice  morning to sleep in and have a cup of coffee while watching some tv in my pajamas. This past weekend my family and I went over to Medieval times which is one of our favorite places to go, you get a show plus food. It's such a great restaurant for children and family we upgraded to VIP. 
Medieval Times check out where they have one near you. 


  1. Hope you had a blast! I know I did when I went for my birthday YEARS ago.

  2. Medieval times is so much fun! I went 100 years ago while on vacation in CA...and it was a blast. Looks like you had a great time too!

    1. Yes we did! Thank you!

      thats a long time lol....


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