February 20, 2017


Happy Monday!
Today I am of from work which is nice I can finally get things done and work on some post ahead of time as well. I filmed this video last friday I had so much fun filming it and also I learned lots. 
Gabby is such great instructor and she would make sure you sweat like crazy... the next day I was so sore. I wore this very comfortable outfit everything is from Tjmaxx and also under $20 which you can get so many pieces for a very affordable prices.

What you need before kickboxing:
1. An awesome trainer
2. Kickboxing gloves
3. Workout clothes
4. Lots of water
5. Ready to sweat like crazy!!!

Btw here is the video check it out don't forget to follow Gabby along her social media!!


  1. Looks awesome. Love your video!!

  2. I've always wanted to take a kickboxing class! And TJ Maxx is the BEST!

  3. Kickboxing is so fun! it is one of my favorite workouts. I haven't been able to hit a class this month, but my goal is to go to one every other week to spice up my normal workout routine.

    1. You should take one class and see how it goes from there but you would love it!!!


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