What I got for Christmas?

Happy day  everyone!
First of all I hope everyone had a safe and amazing weekend for my readers and followers near me I hope everyone is safe and calm, we receive lots of snow but I am grateful for another day!
Well I have some news!!!! I have a spanish and english youtube channels were I share my tips thru a video and I decided to restart doing videos every week in both channels. I hope you guys are excited as I am it could be a little time consuming but I am willing to take the change. Well I am a little late on this post/video but I hope you guys like it and don't forget to subscribe to my channels! 

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1. Iphone 6s- from my parents
2.Pjs- from my mother
3. Timberlands- from boyfriend
4. Uggs chelsea boots- from mom
5.Tshirts- from my self
6.Bath and body works- coworker 
7.Handbag- cousins 
8.Pants- mom
9. I forgot to take a pink another pair of uggs 
10. Kate spade perfume- from mom