How I organize my bag?

Happy Friday!
I wanted to share with everyone how to organize our bag, backpack and etc...
Sometimes I tend to have many different things in my bag that I do not need or have my handbag a mess (things everywhere). Today I will share my tips to have your bag organize

My personal Tips:
1) Take everything out of your bag/ backpack/ etc..
2) Make sure what you need in your bag
3) Divide your bag into pouches or buy a handbag organizer like on the picture (tend to be very cheap)
4) Make sure to have space for your phone, keys, wallet
5) Organize your makeup items into a makeup bag 
6) Organize your important items into a pouch to have everything secure and easy to find

*Dont forget to clean your bag monthly*

Ps. New youtube video 
Comment for anything questions or ideas. Have a great weekend!