June 16, 2015

How I celebrated my bday

 So I feel old and I am only 22! 
Anyways I wanted to share with everyone how I celebrated my bday, well the day of my bday I had a small celebration with family and some friends (sadly my bf couldn't make it he had to work) I had food/ cake/ etc.. Friday night I went out with my boyfriend and we celebrated my bday at this very elegant mexican restaurant. We had chocolate pudding for dessert. I order mai mai tacos and he order steak! The place it's delicious Rosa mexicano that's the link in case you want to try it (btw my bf send me flowers on the mail I received on my bday as a surprise) FTD is the company he used for the flowers. Saturday I went out with friends and bf to this amazing mexican place in hoboken, sunday I had colombian food and they sang me happy bday!!!
Tomorrow I would show you what I got for my bday!

Some followers send me this two pictures I wanted to share them to you! thank you who made this for me!!!

Thursday celebration 

With my little brother 

Mexican food with bf

Chocolate pudding 

Mexican food 

Tres leches 

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