June 30, 2023

Walk with a view

Walking during those summer chilly nights are the best feeling for your body and mind, I have never enjoyed doing much walking or cardio at all. 
I have learned that it is so good for your body and as well to your mind it does amazing things and I think for me it helps relaxed and reflect. I have the benefit of living so close with amazing views to the skyline of NYC. I walked almost 5 miles the other night thats the most I have walked and I think is an amazing way to reward myself was to get ice cream afterwards lol....
Let's start everyday by moving your body little by little and your going feel amazing after!
Last night I did almost 3.5 miles and it was great and yes I did get crepes after the walk. 

Have a great day and remember that you only have one body and you need to take care of it!



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