September 26, 2021

Fall Clean out


Happy Monday!
Fall is finally here, I mean who doesn't love fall. I am very excited to start wearing leggings, sweaters and flats. I know super basic but I mean I love it and I think most of us do. 
Since the season changed we need to switch our closets from spring/summer to fall/winter. I know it can be annoying and stressful for some people. This week I will be doing this switching my closet and I wanted to share some tips that will this a little bit more fun and less painful. 
Here we go!!!!!

1.First of fall put on some music, podcast no tv show because you will get distracted.
2. Grab some water turn on the fan or AC, you will be moving around and having a cool environment will make you feel comfortable. 
3.Take all of your clothes from the closet dived by sections.. ex: long sleeves together, dresses, jacket,etc....
that way you will get organize
4. Try some things that you haven't used and try to take away some items from your closet, give it to your friends, donate. I know they are some pieces that we don't even like but we have it. 

5. Some items that might not fit you only keep in your closet about 5 pieces and they will get you motivated to loose weight or to fit in those items. I am very visual seeing this pieces will help me.

I hope this was healthy let me know if you used this ideas and share some of your tips with me by commenting down below! 

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