July 9, 2020

What's inside my everyday summer handbag "2020"

The weekend is approaching which means road trips or just outdoor dining for some of us. I wanted to share what's inside my everyday summer handbag. My bag as some different items compared to last years we all know already from mask, hand wipes and much more....

1. Summer Cross body handbag
2. Hand Wipes (a must)
3. Handsanitizer (a must) 
4. Car keys / House keys
5. Mask ( a must)
6. Sunglasses (perfect for a no makeup day)
7. Card Holder ( perfect for smaller handbag)
8. Hair tie (for those humid hot days) 
9. Perfume ( touch up for a date) 
10. Lip Balm with sunscreen 

Let me know what is your summer handbag!!! 

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