How to stay organize and motivated during Quarentine

Staying positive and motivated during this quarantine or during any problem can be very overwhelming, today I am sharing how I stay organize and motivated without leaving my home. 

Start by waking up! washing your face and  starting by making your bed and change into something comfy that still makes you feel good. I am living in loungewear my favorite pieces are from old navy since they are so comfy and very affordable. Next make your self coffee/ Tea or shake that will make you feel accomplish and remind your self that you can do anything you want! 
After drinking my shake I start by opening my planner to see what I have to do today that way you are not overwhelm later on the day. I like to stay organize having a planner is very important to me. 
When you find your self that you don't know what to do since you already watched all of you shows you can pick up a coloring book (I love coloring) or read a book you always wanted to.
I love baking you can find your self cooking or baking for fun! Turn on your candles while your working and the aroma will make you feel good. Take a bath and listen to some music, find things that make you happy.
Remember to drink water to stay hydrated and take a detox from the news that can definitely make you overthink. Start working out for at least of 30 minutes a day that can make you feel good about yourself and motivated! 
Enjoy your time with your family and also alone time with your self! 

I hope this was helpful!!