July 21, 2018

Statue of Liberty

Welcome back! Happy WEEKEND!!! Happy Saturday! 
The weather here in New Jersey is honestly so bipolar, today I am wearing leggings and sweater from  Old Navy if you want to see it let me know. Well right now I am relaxing after a busy morning I took my car for a car wash ( I had bird poop) lol... I know thats disgusting! After adult errands which are boring............. Just had a healthy lunch done by yours truly! So proud of my self! 

Today I wanted to share when my family and I went over to the Statue of Liberty We are so lucky that we live so close to the big apple! We always go every summer is kinda a tradition and I love that!! We get the lemonade there which is die for and also ice cream and have a great day and afternoon. I found this pictures on my phone my mom has more but I wanted to share that. I love spending time with my family, we always try to do fun things like eating, playing games (board games) video games and just to laugh together it's the best feeling ever. I am so lucky to have my mom and my brother! Anyone that knows us they know that we are so close to each other and how we understand. Talking and listening it's so important with any relationship. I hope everyone has a safe weekend!!!


  1. Im loving your flamingo top! It looks like so much fun. NY is definitely on my to travel list. Hopefully going next June!
    jordan | www.dailycupofjojo.com

    1. Thank you its from Tjmaxx! NYC it's so much fun, you would love it!!!!


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