November 1, 2017

Fun and Fresh with Old El Paso's Taco Dinner Kit!

Happy Wednesday Loves!
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Today I want to share what I had for Dinner for "TACO Tuesday" my family (my mom, brother and myself) we love eating tacos or quesadillas and making tacos can be very simple and easy for those busy days at work and you know it's always  fun eating tacos. Well yesterday we had this amazing taco boats and let me tell you they are amazing because it won't be falling all over your plate and its easier to place all of the goodies on the taco. I honestly love this type of tortillas they are so good and they are tasty. You can find more Old El Paso products HERE and they also have recipes

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  1. This looks yummy! We've tried those kits before and have really liked them!

  2. Looks really yummy. And with all of those greens, it's surely healthy.

  3. I love Old El Paso products. I look forward to trying these yummy-looking soft tortilla boats. My mind is swirling with so many scrumptious ideas and recipes for these taco boats!


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