Coffee Date/ game day

Happy Wednesday (aka Hump day)
Today's post it's a bit more food/ family I have always loved spending time at coffee shops, drinking coffee, eat, take notes, planned ahead. Well I have spend soon much time at this local coffee shop which is very calm and they have  games  to play which makes it more chill and I love that. My brother likes going there because they have dominos, and other games he likes. I MEAN we have the same games but its not the same as when you do it at a coffee shop.
I went last week with my brother and mom to plan ahead for this week for my blog, emails, comments and some boring stuff that bloggers do  lol.... Well I used my new target is less then $15, I LOVE planners and to use stickers I feel like I am a first grade student. Well I used some ripped jeans, loose top and since I DIDNT do my hair I used my favorite hat for a nice calm and relaxing day.