March 4, 2017

Applebee's Review

Happy Saturday loves!
I am currently at karate watching my little brother doing his thing  lol I love watching him grow my mom and I are so proud of him while drinking some coffee. Well as many of you guys know I am doing something a little bit different on the weekends on my blog I am doing a food section to share and review many restaurants, coffee shops,etc... Well last friday my brother wanted applebees for their dessert and grilled cheese. My mom and I did the 2 for $20 and the food was pretty food I honestly got so full and we took some to go. The waiter was okay! She disappeared for almost the whole time and we order wings because it comes in the 2 for $20 and we asked her if we can get the sauce at the side and the wings arrive with the sauce on the wings. I for sure got better experience but we still had a good time.   Applebee's in Paramus NJ 

Have an amazing weekend!!!


  1. All the applebee that were in my area are closed :( That food looks so good


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