August 3, 2016

Summer Days

Happy Wednesday! 
We are in the middle of the week I can feel and smell the weekend loves!
I wanted to share how I am lately spending my summer days, the weather has changed it's not humid anymore and you can feel a nice chill breeze (which I love). I am currently taking my office outside, with some coffee (I know its not Starbucks) but I needed something with caffeine. It's always good to do something different during the week, because we are always following a schudule and sometimes that can get annoying and that's why It's good to take lunch outside, coffee break outside, etc....

Enjoy your beautiful day!!!

Macbook: Rose gold (macbook air) / Notebook: Similar styles / Agenda: Planner / Headphone case: lilly pulitzer


  1. I here ya girl! It's always nice to have a change of scenery during our chaotic weeks! The routine from blogging sometimes makes the days blur together. Today was the first cool-ish day here in a long time as well.

    1. Yes girly! Sometimes we need to change it up a bit! I can't wait for Fall!!!!

  2. High five girl, I hear you. Make the most of summer. xx


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