HASK Kalahari Melon (Review)

Happy Monday loves!
I wanted to shared with all of my you my new hair product, I tried this product already on me and I have loved it!! The brand Hask they use natural products  for example is free of sulfates,paragons,phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors. For women we always need to look for products that won't damage your hair and many hair products use vary of artificial colors and other things that your hair don't need. 

Hask Kalahari melon oil the shampoo & conditioner would product your hair from anything and it would also product your hair color. Usually my hair color changes during the summer from the sun and you need to product your hair. 
Deep conditioner is magic!!!! I love me son deep conditioner because it would give you volumen and it would get you ready for the day. 
Color shine- hair oil is magazine when you do your hair and it would give you extra shine and your hair would be alive!!!!
The brush is amazing because is pink!!!  

Here is the link to all of this amazing products Hask hair

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