March 21, 2016

Skin Routine

Happy Monday everyone!!! 
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I know most/ all of us are tired and want the weekend to last longer. Well sadly I can't help you with that problem but coffee would be the hero for that!
Well today I wanted share my skin products and what I do everyday on my skin to keep it clean and very moisturize. About a year ago I decided to buy skin products because I had acne and had scarf from the acne on my face well if you want to here more about that you can watch the video down bellow!
Here are the steps of my skin routine!

1. Cleanserwould help you clean your face, think of it as a face soup 

2. Toning lotion keep the skin radiant and clean and would help you have a soft skin 

3.Clear-difference-targeted-blemish-treatment would help you take away the acne and any damage on your skin 

4. Clear-difference-advanced-blemish-serum a treatment for the acne and would treat the acne on your face/ skin 

5.Daywear creme moisturizer 

Micro essence to remove makeup / clean your face before applying any skin produt 

This products have work for me and I hope everyone found it use-ful
Ps. here is the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

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