Wednesday Favorites

Happy Hump day! 
I am sharing my favorite items for this week, I am loving all of this items and what better to share them with my followers. 

1. Most of us are always looking for a magazine to read and to also grab some fashion tips!
2. Kate spade agenda: I love to be organize and like to know what I have to do during the week (post during the week)
3. Phone case : I purchase this new case on friday I know it may have a double meaning I just love it
4. Valentino Perfume : I have this perfume for a couple of months now and it smells so fresh perfect for the summer
5. YSL lips: Love this color/ bright pink/ Summer lip favorite
6. Tissue: Its summer, allergies or we get summer sick with the ac (always on my bag)
7. Bando charger : I am always running low of batterie and what better then a cute portable charger
   (always needed for road trips and vacations/ beach)  

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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