April 27, 2019

Treat your self

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, currently I am at my brothers karate school since his training for his junior black belt, most of our saturday's are spend in a karate school.
I am always trying to find time for my self and to threat my self. 

For example I love getting my nails done I use gel I usually go every 2-3 weeks depending. 
Another thing I love to do is going our for coffee and some dessert depending how stress I am. 
Going out for shopping will always calm me down (lol) or just going to the mall and see new things.
Organize helps me a lot because I know I am getting things done and I feel like I am treating my self.
The most important thing is to find time for your self and to take care of your self, I know everyone is so busy that they forget to think about themselves. 

Thank you 

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