January 2, 2019

New Year's Resolution

Welcome to my personal blog, where I get to share my taste in fashion, food, lifestyle & etc.. 
We are starting a New Year and most people have a list of things to do for this New Year, today I will be sharing my very own personal New Year's resolution list. I hope it helps or inspires some of you to do or add to your own personal list, lets begin!

1. Be on time (anywhere)
2. To start eating more healthy ( I started this past Saturday by eating more veggies)
3. To exercise at least 3 days a week (I started today, yay!!! for me)
4. Drink more water each day 
5.  Going to sleep early
6. Travel more (road trips)
7. Try different restaurants and food 
8. More focus on my blog and videos 
9. Learn to relax and take a break 
10. Learn to save my money (that may not happen lol)
11. Always have time to be with my family
12. Trying to have less coffee ( again this might never happen)
13. To not answer back to my family members 
14. Learn how to draw
15. To change my jewelry more often (I always were my apple watch, and my pandora bracelet) 

Thank you for stopping and taking the time!
Have a beautiful day Fashionistas!

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