January 26, 2018

How to stay organize?

Happy Friday!
I am currently living such a speed life right now they are some amazing things happening and some bad ones but thats life I GUESS? Anyway I am always running around every where thats one of the reasons why I am sharing how to stay organize for school, work, or anything. 

- Planner: I girl must have a planner to organize your days and week. Every Sunday night I drink my hot tea and sit on my desk or bed and write down the things I need to get done for the week. I use stickers, color and things that would make me happy. 
- 10 minutes: I know and I understand we do not want to wake up on Monday or any day of the week but usually on monday I would wake up 10 minutes before  just to have time to enjoy my coffee and not rushing. 
- Plant it out: SUNDAY I sometimes plan my outfit for the next day because you know its monday.

My planner  is less then $10 

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  1. I think it is a great idea to start planning out your week on Sunday. This is something that I definitely need to start doing, because I know it will help me organize my life! Thanks for sharing!


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