September 26, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Terrific Tuesday! 
I am feeling amazing how productive I was yesterday so many errands and lots of obligations but I made it and I am still alive... Well ladies the weather here in Jersey it's around 90's which is insane because I am craving for some cooler weather so I can finally wear some cozy clothes and start baking for my neighbors and go apple picking. I am such a fall lover my house it's fall ready and so am I. I wanted to share some fall bucket list or things to do during fall, sometimes we sit at home when we can we doing some fun activities with family and friends and why not change things up  a bit. You can find more ideas on Pinterest and don't forget to follow me on my Pinterest @ Fashionista93x


  1. What a nice list! I tend to hibernate until summer! LOL

  2. This is such a great list! We went apple picking this weekend but it was WAY TOO HOT here in NJ! Need to go again when it finally cools down.
    xo Jessica

    1. I wanted to go apple picking the past weekend but it was way too humid. Maybe we can collaborate in post together since were both from NJ.
      email me if you are interest

  3. I just want it to be cool enough to wear sweaters! It's still pushing 90 here!


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