July 6, 2017

Coffee Talk

GOODMorning!!!! Happy Thursday!!
Sorry I about Tuesday and Wednesday I had not post planned for those two days. Thank you so much about my latest post and comments you guys rock!! Btw I am also editing a video for my youtube channel it should be up tomorrow the latest. Well I wanted to chat with you guys today and to explained some things so lets get to it......

First of all I had some family problems but my mom,brother and I are good and we are super healthy, things happen for a reason right now I am with some stress and just wish everything can be over. I just wonder sometimes why do people have to be so mean and want to destroy others I KNOW GOD has everything under control but some people are very missarable with their own life that they want other to suffer.  I think I just needed to talk to someone about it and what better than my blog to express my feelings and share with other because I know everyone has problems and are so different them mine but we just need to relax and to know that everything its going to be okay!

Second of all I know that I haven't post youtube videos in a couple of months but I promise I am coming back with some great ideas and to share others what life looks like and what tips,ideas, etc.... so if you haven't subscribe on my youtube channel do it now @fashionista93x and follow me along on my social media!!!!


  1. As long as you have good people in your life, don`t mind the bad ones. Just avoid them. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you! Yea only people with positive vibes

  2. Good people in your life is what can really help you stay happy.

  3. I hope everything is ok! As long as you have family and your health, you will be just fine :)


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