January 18, 2017


Happy Hump day Fashionistas!

We are finally in the middle of the week even dough yesterday was the first day of school the kids are work were  "crazy" I am trying to prep my lesson plans for Thursday and Friday, currently I am subbing for the spanish teacher she just left for maternity and I am a little happy/ excited/ nervous. I am studying to be a teacher and these is a great way for me to learn from teaching! So right now I am trying to keep up at school and work lol... I am trying to be more organize and have my planner with me at all times, I will soonnnn would be recording a new video for my youtube channel. 

Well...... enough about me today I wanted to share with the most awesome people ever (you guys) an amazing online store were you can from prom dresses to cocktail dresses for any occasion for example, Homecoming dresses,  Wedding dresses First communion dresses ,prom, etc.... Check them out 


  1. Wow! You're studying to be a teacher? Congratulations. I really like the second dress.


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