November 2, 2016

Food Critic?

Happy Wednesday!
I know I haven't post daily sorry guys I am here getting everything ready for my brothers bday party and recently it was my mom's bday. I wanted to do this for some months and I think now is the time to do it! I have always loved food and had try from different nationalities and also price range I have decided to do become a food critic on my blog share my personal taste and experience from different restaurant near my are (NJ/NYC) if you know of any restaurants near this two states please let me know! Soon a video to explain it all!!!!


  1. I review food on my site and i absolutely LOOOOOOOVE it!! Congrats on starting this new venture, it's gonna be so fun. Well, minus the weight gain but that's where exercising comes in handy! And you are in one of the best areas for food, NY has so many great spots. Can't wait to see your foodventures!!! =]

    Danielle | <3


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