October 13, 2016

Inflatable Zone

Hello Fashionistas!!! I hope everyone is doing good right now I am currently bit sick, the weather is changing and I think everyone is suffering the same.

Welcome to a brand new post! I know all of you guys might think what type of post is this? I wanted to changed it a little bit and talk about some “fun things” Usually around this time of the year my mom and I are always looking for fun things to do for my brother’s birthday party and for the last three years we have done it at a bouncy place with lots inflatables and is so such fun for children and adults. I recently just become a cross this awesome website that has some great and awesome   product(s). Inflatable zone A great and fun opportunity to spend time with your family and friends now for the fall and the pricing is very reasonable, they have also inflatable that are waterproof and some great activities for all year around. I love doing some different activities and trying new sports as well, a good way to do it is looking and finding different things to do. They also give you “free shipping” for every purchase and they have sections for adults and children.
the name of the website is  check their online store and look at all of their awesome products here are two pictures of two very popular and my favorite inflatables for example long inflatable to do different games or slide! The second one is more kind friendly with cartoons and slide is so much fun for my brother and my nieces. 

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